Sunday, April 29, 2012

Starting Point

I decided that since Robert is half way across the world and our family is spread out all over the country I would start a blog. This way Robert feels like he is still here and knows what we are up to, and our family can keep up on the latest going on in the Casa de Carrington's. So here goes our first blog.

Robert left a 9 month deployment to Afghanistan on Tuesday. Even though this is the fourth deployment he is going on it seems like it is going to be the hardest, for several reasons. To start with he used to deploy for 6 months (which was long enough), but our lovely government decided that they should now deploy for  9 months. I know it seems like we do 6 already what is another 3, but by the end of 6 months we are both ready to be together again and this extra 3 is going to be especially hard. This time he will miss summer time, which is the only time we get to be together full time. Plus he will miss our Anniversary, my 30th birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Another reason this is going to be hard is Jacoby is only 1. So much happens in the life a child developmentally when they are such a young age, and Robert is going to miss it. He left and Jacoby was still a baby barely walking and making sounds, he will come home and Jacoby will be running around talking ( no longer a baby). In this first year of Jacoby's life he has become such a daddy's boy. It has been so sweet to watch them bond and they love they have developed for one another. Anytime they see each other each of their faces light up  and my heart just melts. I really hope that I am able to help keep them close through pictures, Skype, and phone calls. I have this fear that after 9 months their relationship won't be there anymore. The final reason this is going to be so difficult is Robert was finally close to home. Since he got to Fort Stewart in Georgia we have spend so much more time together. We were together every weekend and at least every other week we were able to spend more than just a weekend together. We finally got in a good groove of being together and now we won't see each other for 9 months. I felt like when he left part of my heart was taken out, I can't imagine how he is feeling being away from me and the kids. There will be days through this that I don't want to get out of bed and I will just sit there and cry, and there will be days that will be easier than others, but luckily I have two amazing children and my family to help get me through this and distract me. With all of this being said I have come to accept the fact that this is military life and we have to appreciate the time we do have together and be thankful for all of things we have because of Robert's sacrifice.

I hope whoever decides to read our blog enjoys is, and if nobody decides to it is a way for me to get everything out on the days I don't have a husband around.

                                     Truly Missing My Husband,

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