Friday, May 4, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

These past couple of days I have been super busy and exhausted. I am back to not sleeping:( Luckily between Donovan's activities, spending time with the kids, and work the only time I really have to be sad is at night when I can't sleep. Yesterday after I picked Donovan and Aniyah up we came home ate and got his homework finished. Then we headed back to Fort Pierce for his school Reading Festival. The kids and I really enjoyed it. The teachers were set up through the halls and were reading stories to the kids. They gave out goodies, there were snacks, face painting, and a book exchange. I love that the kids enjoyed it Donovan and Aniyah were excited about every book they heard and about the books they got to bring home. I love that I am raising little readers:) There aren't enough kids in the world who enjoy reading. I can't take all the credit though. Encouraging a boy to read is pretty difficult these days and the most powerful thing they can see is a male figure reading. Since, Robert is a reader to (just one thing I super love about it) it really instill the importance of it in Donovan.

After a great time I loaded up the kids in the car. (Can I just say doing that by myself is a task. Getting 3 or them in there buckled in and the stroller put away is work. This single mom gig is pretty exhausting. Thank God it is only temporary for me.) We headed back to Vero to Grandma's house for dinner. I can not even express how helpful it is to have my parent's around for days like this when I don't feel like cooking or I need a little help with the kids or even when I just need company because I am lonely without Robert. My mother knows how to make some amazing comfort food too, We thoroughly enjoyed our Chicken Curry. I wish I could send some to Robert I am sure he is in major need of comfort food right about now. By the time we finished dinner and bath time at Grandma's it was after 9 pm and time to get the kids home for bed. We headed home I laid down and cuddled with my boys for a little while. I have finally got Donovan sleeping in his own room. I go in there and hang out with him and cuddle rather than telling him to come in my room and it has made it so easy. I miss him in my bed though. It is so easy when you have a husband who is gone all the time to want your kids in the bed with you. I feel a little less lonely when he is in there with me, but once Robert is home I know we need our time alone and at night is the only time we get it. I promised Robert that with this deployment I would work on freeing our bed up. I know how important it is to him, and I know that Donovan is growing up fast and can't sleep with his mommy forever, so I have put my selfish reasons aside and it has been much easier than I thought it would be.  Now it is time to move on  to getting Jacoby in his crib. I must say though this one is not my fault. Robert gets to take the credit for him. Since he knew he was leaving he said he needed as much Jacoby time as he could get, which included him sleeping with us. It is kind of funny to me that he swore before we had him he wouldn't be sleeping with us, that didn't last past the birth though. I can't complain because being able to watch them sleep together and cuddle was priceless. Now it is my job to un-baby our baby though. I have found a solution a couple nights. Jacoby has slept in his brother's bed a couple times and that does the trick, he just really wants somebody near him and Donovan loves having him there. The only problem with that is I need to find something to do when Donovan is with his dad half the week. Good thing I have 9 months to figure it out.

Since  I was up all night last night going to work today was pretty rough. Lucky for me it was an early release day and my kids were watching a movie. I had my final evaluation meeting today, which went well as I expected. The only rough part was when my boss asked me how I was and how Robert was doing, which brought out tears. I don't know when but I get so emotional when somebody asks me about him. It was the first time in two days I cried and here I was doing it in front of my boss. It has been a stressful school year with the new evaluation system and new AP at our school, but I got reappointed and am looking forward to a little less work stress next year.

After work I headed home got the kids and went and got chicken wings for dinner. I gave Jacoby his first wing and he loved it. I had to pry the bone out of his hand and he started to cry. This baby is so stubborn. I tried to take a little nap with Jacoby, but between Donovan, Aniyah, and Adelyn we only got in about 1 hour of rest time. We came home Aniyah in tow because she can't let her Aunt Crystal leave her. We got bathed and in our PJ's and just cuddled up watching TV. There is nothing better than hanging with my kids at home in our PJ's. The only thing that could make it better would be if Robert was here joining us. It is crazy that I can't do anything without wanting him here with us. I really hope that after this deployment there are no more at least for a long time. These are so hard on all of us.

Well I am off to bed we have a busy day of baseball and parties tomorrow.

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