Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekends are way too short!

I swear weekends go by way too fast. We (or should I say the kids) had a fun packed weekend and I didn't get anything done, but at least the kids enjoyed themselves. Saturday was an especially rough day for me. I had a horrible tooth ache all night on Friday and wasn't able to get any sleep. So when Donovan came in my room at 6:30 a.m. I was not a happy camper. The first thing I did was found a dentist who was open on Saturdays and made an appointment. Luckily they had an appointment time that worked for me since Donovan had his last baseball game of the season (and I can't miss a game).  Mom, Briana, and the girls joined me to watch him. He did great as usual. I'm sad that he won't be playing another sport until August. I get crazy busy running to practice and games, but he really does enjoy it. I enjoy him being active too. I don't want a kid who just sits on the couch and plays video games and eats junk food. And if you know Donovan's dad you know that he has it in his genes to gain weight, and I really don't want him to be unhealthy like that. So this summer I am just going to make it my job to keep him running around and being active. I am thinking about sending him to camp of getting him baseball lessons between all of our traveling.

After the game I brought Donovan to my mom's house where all of his cousins were playing and swimming. I headed to the dentist in the mall. My first clue that they sucked should have been that they were in the mall. I got there and even though I had an appointment had to wait 30 minutes. Finally the dentist called me back there asked me if I had been under any stress lately. Well yes I have been under stress, my husband and I just lost a baby, he left for 9 months to go vacation in Afghanistan, and my job has been stressful with a new evaluation system, not to mention I have a horrible toothache. He decided that I didn't need an X-Ray that my problem was I grind my teeth. I told him that I have never grinded my teeth. So he started asking me if I had jaw pain or pain in other areas. I kept telling him no it is my damn tooth. He said that the pain was coming from grinding and an ulcer on my gums and sent me on my way. Just great I had to pay for this moron to tell me this. So I went to CVS and loaded up on pain pills and numbing medicine until I could get into a sane dentist on Monday morning. All doped up I headed to get D and take him to his baseball party. We got there and he had a blast they had a pool, a fishing pond, a playground, and a golf card the kids could ride around on. I relaxed and talked to the parents while Donovan played (I left Jacoby with grandma so I could relax a little). I chatted with  the parents and what came up....none other than my hubby. We talked about how he is gone and how the kids and I deal. They all wanted to know his job and why he has to go over there so much. Which is a great question. I told them I had no clue to write their congressmen and ask they why they are doing this to military families so often. Then they wonder why so many soldiers come home with marital problems or PTSD. They are constantly sending them over there and not providing the support they need to, to transition them into normal life. I am lucky that thus far Robert has been able to keep his sanity and our marriage is able to make it through these problems. There are a lot of couples we know that have or are headed for divorce or that they guys have ended up with PTSD. I worry every time he goes over there that one day he is going to come home royal screwed up. Each time he does come home a little different how can I expect him not to. I have no idea what he is experiencing or seeing on a daily basis. I mean we talk and he tells me as much as he can, but at the same time I know he wants to keep me sheltered.  A lot of the dads at the party were saying they couldn't imagine they felt bad because they complain they don't see their wives enough. I told them to go home and give them a hug and a kiss and tell them how much they enjoy them. I haven't seen or heard Robert's voice in about 2 weeks and it is killing me inside. I wish that we were together and got to complain because we only see each other a couple of hours a day or we could have a normal argument about cleaning up a mess in the kitchen.

We left the party and headed to my mom's so D could play with his cousins. They weren't there yet and Jacoby was sleeping so I left them there and headed home to round up their stuff for the night. I decided to take a nap because my mouth was still pounding. I got a little nap in and headed back to my parent's house. All the kids were there for their slumber party and it was getting a little wild. We fed them all and they played in the pool and video games. Then we had them all make cupcakes and brownies. Finally it was time to round them up for bed. There is nothing I love more than having my babies and nieces and nephews together. They always have a blast and I enjoy spending time with them. I feel like we don't do it enough. It is just another thing that makes me miss Robert more. He loves having them all together and throwing them all around:( Usually I would at least pull out Skype so he could see them all, but we don't even have that now.

I finally tried to get some rest but it was still difficult with the throbbing tooth. We woke up on Sunday and let the kids play in the pool for awhile. We then took them to Crazy Frogs and Sonic for lunch. It was a crazy day with 8 kids, but well worth the headache. Briana and Donovan drove them all home and Jacoby and I hung at home. My parents came over and finally put up the dreaded baby gate. It is nice to have that out of the way. Then I went to the grocery store and headed home. Jacoby and I just hung in our pajamas and played while we waited for Donovan  to get home. He finally got home around 9. He got straight in the shower and got ready for bed. He was out cold before I could even give him a kiss and tell him good night. I shortly followed behind him with Jacoby in tow.

Monday morning it was back and at em:( I swear we should have Mondays off too. Nobody enjoys going to work on a Monday anyways. I decided that since my tooth was hurting so bad I would call my dentist and get a real opinion. I called and they were so backed up with emergencies I couldn't get in. I knew my tooth was so painful I couldn't wait another day. So I called my old dentist and they were able to see me at 12:30. I had an easy morning at work since my students were watching Diary of Anne Frank. I left around 10:45 and headed home to change and relax for an hour. Then I headed back to Fort Pierce for the dentist. This dentist told me I need a root canal in one of my back teeth. He gave me pain pills:) and antibiotics and said it should feel better by Wednesday. They scheduled my root canal for a specialist on Saturday. I am not happy that I have to keep this pain until then, but what am I going to do? They also told me that my new insurance only covers about 60% and my portion is going to be about $1500 for the root canal and crown. Great just what I wanted to hear. I went home still in a miserable amount of pain took my pain pills and Motrin and passed out for a good nap. Thank god for Stephanie watching Jacoby:) They came home and I finally woke up feeling much better. It is amazing what drugs and sleep can do for a person. When I woke up I realized I had a missed phone call. One of my friends happen to be at the baseball field and they were paging me saying I lost my credit card there. Imagine that I didn't even realize I was missing a card. I must have been super out of it on Saturday when I was there. I drove up there and there was my debit card. One day I swear I am going to keep better track of my stuff. Then I headed home and hung with my baby boy. When I laid down for bed I gave him my phone with a picture of Robert on it. He started smiling and kissing it and then tried to talk to him. It was so sweet:) I can't wait unil he is hugging his daddy good night again and not just a picture of him.

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